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High speed, automated forest seedling extraction machine

Helix Manufacturing is the manufacturer and developer of the line forest seedling extraction machines.

These quick and efficient conveyor seedling extraction machines can process up to 190,000 seedlings per day. Our accurate controls and quality conveyors provide fast and reliable seedling extraction so that the line foam seedling blocks are re-usable and packing is quick and easy. A time and labor saving machine that has a fast Return on Investment (ROI) for your nursery. View the short demonstration video above. For further details please visit www.seedlingextractor.com 

thebinwasher.com - High speed, efficient garbage bin washing machines.

Helix Manufacturing is the exclusive manufacturer and developer for our client thebinwasher.com. View the above video for a full demonstration of the bin washer. These quick and efficient garbage cleaning washers are popular with industrial garbage providers and business owners in the bin washing business.